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Our community-first approach

Someva Renewables listens to and works with regional communities to deliver tailored economic, social, and environmental benefits wherever we operate.

We pride ourselves on our community co-design process. We know that partnering with landowners, communities, businesses, Indigenous leaders and environmental groups delivers long term benefits for communities.

Our approach to community consultation is based on accessibility and two-way communication. You can contact our team at any time below. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about our projects, scroll below to Our Projects.


Project Community Benefits

Someva is deeply committed to implementing a tailored community co-design process that ensures communities share in and benefit from our renewable energy projects.

Our co-design process means we spend time in regional communities listening to, and working with regional communities to ensure our projects deliver tailored economic, social, and environmental outcomes. This means we:

  • Take input to improve the design of the project to address feedback from neighbours, local business and special interest groups.
  • Design Community Benefits Funds to meet the specific needs of residents and special interest groups in and around the project area.
  • Create a customised neighbour benefits package for those who live closest to our projects providing annual payments during construction and operations.

Someva works closely with local communities, local councils and First Nations peoples to create local Community Benefits Funds that are tailored to the regions we operate in.

A funding commitment is made during the development of a project that commits to funding on the basis of the operating capacity of the project and is paid per year from the commencement of construction, increasing with inflation.

Funding is administered through voluntary planning agreements with local councils and these agreements will also outline the process for applying for funds. Funding is provided on an annual basis, and includes support for special projects that require greater investment upfront.

The design of the voluntary planning agreements will be advertised through local council websites for community feedback.

Someva takes the time to get to know landowners in the communities where we operate. We pride ourselves on developing long-lasting relationships that we know will last decades. As part of this process, we work closely with project neighbours on both the design of our projects, and in developing Neighbour Agreements that provide landowners with long-term, reliable and climate-resilient financial certainty.

Someva creates a customised neighbour agreement program for each project that benefits nearby neighbours through annual payments as well as opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint of farming operations and receive project data that may improve their business operations business operations.

Someva’s projects have the potential to create thousands of jobs in regional Australia and we are committed to partnering with local businesses and local Indigenous organisations to create jobs and support regional economies.

Someva is also deeply committed to ensuring our projects boost local economies and supply chain resilience. We also create tailored local strategies for training and employment outcomes wherever we operate.

Go to our PROJECTS page if you are a local business interested in partnering with Someva on one of our projects.

Our community values

Being open and accessible

We are always available and accessible to community members. Find our contact information with the link below.

Working with local communities

We seek feedback and work collaboratively with local landholders and communities to improve the design of our project designs and deliver tailored economic, social and environmental outcomes for regional communities.

Engaging with First Nations people

We engage with First Nations people to deliver and enhance social and economic opportunities for Indigenous communities.

Sharing the benefits

We co-design projects to ensure communities share in and benefit from our renewable energy projects.

Supporting Community and Industry Guidelines

Someva is committed to meeting all statutory requirements for renewable energy project developments and genuinely engaging with and listening to local communities.

As part of this commitment, Someva supports the principles outlined in community and industry guidelines published by the Clean Energy Council, RE-Alliance, Community Power Agency. These principles provide best practice guidelines for engaging with regional and Indigenous communities, as well as on co-designing community schemes that ensure the benefits of renewable energy projects are shared amongst host communities.

Someva is a member of the Clean Energy Council and Smart Energy Council.

Become a supplier

Someva is committed to working with local businesses in the regions where we operate. Someva will promote contracting and supply opportunities through the Industry Capability Network (ICN Gateway). As projects advance to construction Someva will list the projects and Expressions of Interest from businesses through the ICN Gateway. This will help inform head contractors responsible for construction in sourcing local content and making strong commitments to use local suppliers and contractors, where possible.


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Civil and Earthworks Subcontractors

Crane and Equipment

Environment and Sediment Control


Mechanical and Electrical installation

Permanent Operations and Maintenance

Steel Supply and Formwork

Temporary Accommodation